Root Environment and Plant Cultivation

Water and Oxygen Management

The importance of sufficient oxygen in the root zone is often underestimated. Roots cannot absorb nutrients if the oxygen content is too low. The crop will be inhibited in its development and the roots will weaken.

Fytagoras is specialised in measurements in the root environment. The water content, EC, pH and oxygen concentration are especially important parameters. The optical oxygen measurement technology developed by Fytagoras makes it possible to perform a large number of exact oxygen concentration measurements at many different locations simultaneously in all kinds of cultivation systems. This provides insight into growth-limiting oxygen deficiencies in the roots in relation to other cultivation factors, such as substrate choice, watering, above-ground growth, etc.

Fytagoras also acts as an independent expert in legal matters and carries out risk analyses for the agricultural sector.

Oxygen and water content profiles in stone wool cultivation

Fytagoras’ Expertise in Root Environment and Plant Cultivation

Online oxygen measurements in growing substrates, soil, and hydroponics.
Characterisation of gas and water management in the development of new cultivation substrates
Support in the development of new cultivation systems
Support in legal matters
Risk analyses

Oxygen Concentration in Combined Tomato and Fish Farming

The combination of tomato and fish farming uses the fish farming wastewater to feed the plants. This system can offer many (environmental and cost) benefits. More research is needed, however. In the EU-supported research INAPRO, Fytagoras has investigated the role of oxygen in such systems.