In 1988 the “Center for Fytotechnology” was established in Leiden. This centre was a collaboration between the Dutch Applied Science Organisation TNO, Leiden Univeristy and industry. The department of “Applied Plant Sciences” in this collaboration was mainly engaged in basic and applied research. The major fields or research were:
• Crop breeding via DH-technology (doubled haploids)
• Seed technology: Research on seed quality, dormancy, priming, storability
• Root physiology and crop metabolism: Research into the effects of the root environment on crop performance, with focus on the gas exchange properties
Later the department was strengthened by cooperation with the TNO optical sensor technology group. This cooperation resulted in the development and design of different advanced measurement devices that were applied in the research in projects.


Establishment of Fytagoras

In 2007 the TNO Department of Applied Plant Sciences decided to continue as an independent research company under the name Fytagoras. The name Fytagoras associates with the name of the scientist Pythagoras and the Greek word “Fyto”, which means “plant”. Fytagoras specialised further in DH-technology, Seed technology and horticultural knowledge of the root environment.