Scientific publications by Fytagoras (and LU-ECCM) 2018 – 2019

Planten voor een prima binnenklimaat.
C.M.L. Hermans, Sjerp de Vries, Leonne Jeurissen, Jolanda Kraan, Berry Oppedijk, Bert Van Duijn
2019 DOI: 10.18174/494867


Oxygen consumption in recirculating nutrient film technique in aquaponics.
Johanna Suhl, Berry Oppedijk, Daniela Baganz, Werner Kloas, Uwe  Schmidt, Bert Van Duijn
2019 Scientia Horticulturae 255:281-291
DOI: 10.1016/j.scienta.2019.05.033


Effectiveness of pulsed radio frequency in seed quality improvement of vegetable plant species.
Regina Janas, Krzysztof Górnik, Grzesik Mieczyslaw, Z. Romanowska-Duda, Bert Van Duijn
2019 International Agrophysics 33(4):463-471
DOI: 10.31545/intagr/108953


L.E. Kolesnikov, E.V. Popova, I.I. Novikova, N.S. Priyatkin, M.V. Arkhipov, Yu.R. Kolesnikova, N.N. Potrakhov, B. van Duijn, A.S. Gusarenko
Agricultural Biology, 2019, V. 54, 5, pp. 1024-1040.
doi: 10.15389/agrobiology.2019.5.1024rus


Evolutionary and functional analysis of a Chara plasma membrane H + -ATPase.
Suyun Zhang, Myckel Habets, Holger Breuninger, Liam Dolan, Remko Offringa, Bert Van Duijn
December 2019 Frontiers in Plant Science
DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2019.01707


Steamed Panax notoginseng attenuates anemia in mice with blood deficiency syndrome via regulating hematopoietic factors and JAK-STAT pathway
Yin Xiong, Zejun Zhang,, Yiming Zhang, Xiuming Cui, Yang Yang, Bert Van Duijn, Mei Wang, Yupiao Hu, Chengxiao Wang.
December 2019 Frontiers in Pharmacology
DOI: 10.3389/fphar.2019.01578


Characterization of ginsenoside extracts by measuring delayed luminescence, high performance liquid chromatography and bioactivity tests
Mengmeng Sun, Min He, Henrie Korthout, Mahmoud Halima, Hye Kyong Kim, Yan Yu, Eduard van Wijk, Roeland van Wijk, Chunsheng Guo, Mei Wang
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences(2019) 18, 1138 –1146, DOI: 10.1039/C8PP00533H. (这一篇文章郭春生总也是作者之一


Traditional Chinese Medicine-Based Subtyping of Early-Stage Type 2 Diabetes Using Plasma Metabolomics Combined with Ultra-Weak Photon Emission
Min He, Mengmeng Sun, Slavik Koval, Roeland Van Wijk, Thomas Hankemeier, Jan Van der Greef, Eduard P. A. Van Wijk and Mei Wang.
Engineering(2019) 5:916-923.3.


The difference between white and red ginseng: variations in ginsenosides and immunomodulation
Min He, Xin Huang, Shuying Liu, Chunsheng Guo, Yufei Xie, Annemarie H. Meijer and Mei Wang
Planta Medica (2018), 84: 845-854, DOI 10.1055/a-0641-6240.(这一篇文章郭春生总也是作者之一)


A metabolomics study of Qiliqiangxin in a rat model of heart failure: a reverse pharmacology approach
Junzeng Fu, Liping Chang, Amy C. Harms, Zhenhua Jia, Hongtao Wang, Cong Wei, Li Qiao, Shuyan Tian, Thomas Hankemeier, Yiling Wu, Mei Wang
Scientific report (2018) 8:3688 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-22074-6.


European regulation model for herbal medicine: The assessment of the EU monograph and the safety and efficacy evaluation in marketing authorization or registration in Member States
Liping Qu, YiTao Wang, Wenjun Zou, Mei Wang
Phytomedicine (2018) 42: 219-225.


Broad range chemical profiling of natural deep eutectic solvent extracts using a high performance thin layer chromatography-based method
Liu X, Ahlgren S, Korthout HAAJ, Salomé-Abarca LF, Bayona LM, Verpoorte R, Choi YH
J Chromatogr A. (2018) 1532, 1532.


Presentations by Fytagoras (and LU-ECCM)

Doubled haploid breeding technology for pepper
Marco Vennik, Wessel Holtman and Bert van Duijn
Oral presentation on November 5-th, 2018 during the 2018 International Pepper Conference, Fort Myers, Florida, USA (presenter Wessel Holtman)


Tomato doubled haploid plant production? Yes, we can!
Wessel Holtman, Marco Vennik, Cees Broers and Bert van Duijn
Oral presentation on November 18th, 2019 during the Tomato Breeders Roundtable and Tomato Disease Workshop, Clearwater, Florida, USA (presenter Wessel Holtman)


Press release

Press release on the Tomato News Conference (
Tomato doubled haploid plant production. May 21, 2019. Source Fytagoras



Nominated for Research IMPACT2025 award (5 nominees out of 50). An award from the Topsector ”Knowledge and Innovation” (Government body for Key-research and innovation) for research project having highest impact on industry, sustainability and public in the field of breeding and horticulture.  Fytagoras and Wageningen University Project; Plants for an improved indoor climate.

Dr. Mei Wang, chair of ‘Leiden University – European Center for Chinese Medicine and natural compounds’ has been awarded the ‘Qihuang prize’. The prize is awarded by the Chinese Medicine Society in recognition of her significant contribution to Chinese medicine outside China and to further stimulate her initiative and creativeness.



European Granting of the Patent: Oxygen-controlled priming of seed. P6012703PCT/EP


Scientific break-through

Fytagoras established a method to produce doubled haploid plants of tomato. Service to produce these types of plants is offered world-wide now (from 2019).