Air-purifying Properties of Plants

The Green Work Environment

Plants in office spaces are gaining in popularity. An increasing number of companies are seeing the advantages of an attractive green workplace above a sterile open-plan office. Greening not only ensures a more pleasant working environment but can also contribute to cleaner air and more pleasant humidity. In addition, plants also contribute to the well-being of employees.

Not every plant will clean the air efficiently. Fytagoras has tested more than 50 types of indoor plants for air-purifying and air-humidifying properties. The effects of plants in the working environment are also measured on location by Fytagoras. In determining the air-purifying properties of plants, we collaborate with Air So Pure and O-green, among others.

Air-Purifying Properties of Plants

For our customers we can:

Advise on greening projects where we take into account the air-purifying and air-humidifying properties of plants
Test plant varieties for air-purifying and air-humidifying effect
Implement, advise, and support measurement campaigns

Fytagoras in The News

Fytagoras is frequently in the news on the topic of air-purifying plants. High-profile research results are discussed on TV and radio, but the underlying science also receives attention. A good example of this can be seen in the BNN-VARA tv-programme “Groen Licht”.