Valuable Substances from Plants

Plants contain an enormous amount of valuable substances that are widely applicable in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, as well as in agriculture and horticulture.

Various extraction technologies have been developed to make these valuable substances available and usable for commercial applications. In addition, Fytagoras has access to various analysis techniques in order to determine the quality of the extracts. We can offer you a wide range of these extraction technologies applicable for both research purposes and medium-scale extraction.

Fytagoras’ expertise in extraction

  • Reproducible extraction of bioactive extracts
  • Extraction of essential oils
  • Analysis of all types of ingredients
  • Process optimisation and batch extraction
  • Evaluation and advice on cultivation conditions and harvest times of crops

Fytagoras achieves significant improvement in industrial ginsenoside extraction

Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical has asked Fytagoras to develop technology that can improve the purification, efficiency, and sustainability of ginseng extraction. Testing in Fytagoras’ laboratories resulted in a more sustainable extraction process. Implementation resulted in 33% electricity savings and 90% labour costs, with no loss of ginsenosides.