Seed Quality

Seed Research and Sensor Innovation

For the seed production chain, it is essential for information to be available from the moment of seed production to the storage and germination of seed. Fytagoras has extensive experience in the field of innovation in seed research and seed technology.

Innovations take place in seed quality evaluation, sorting, and the protection and priming of seeds. The combination of seed research and sensor innovation at Fytagoras opens new perspectives for the seed industry. Examples are Oxypriming and seed treatment with Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRF, for non-chemical seed disinfection) developed by Fytagoras.

Fytagoras’ Expertise in Seed Research and Seed Technology

Oxygen measurements on individual seeds for evaluation of seed quality
Regulation of seed germination through innovative priming (Oxyprime)
Seed pathogen reduction through PRF (Pulsed Radio Frequency electrical fields)
Risk analysis and support in legal matters

30 Years of Seed Research

Fytagoras has a long track record in seed research and has published extensively on research into dormancy and dormancy interruption, priming, programmed cell death in seeds. This experience, knowledge and information are available to Fytagoras’ customers. Fytagoras’ CSO is, as chairman of the Advanced Technologies Committee (ATC), active within ISTA (International Seed Testing Organisation) in innovations in seed testing and related regulations.