DH Doubled Haploids

Protocol Development for Doubled Haploid Plants

A genetically pure plant from a single haploid cell.

In plant breeding, adding desirable traits to stable varieties is very labour-intensive and time-consuming, especially in slow-growing varieties. Techniques that can speed up this process are highly desirable. Reproductive cells, gametes, contain only half of the genetic material of the parent plant and are therefore extremely attractive material for making new plants with a pure genetic background.

Fytagoras has developed into a specialist in doubled haploid technology over the years, producing homozygous plants for breeding companies as a service. The success of this approach has already been demonstrated in a wide range of crops and varieties.

Benefits of Doubled Haploids in Your Breeding Programme

Production of 100% homozygous parent lines
Uniform parents for hybrid seed production (F1)
Uniform offspring
Accelerate breeding programmes (varieties can be introduced to the market more quickly)
Quicker anticipation to customer requests
Selection of lethal genes in just one step
Identification of recessive mutants
Realisation of stable populations for genetic studies

Successes in the Tomato Crop

Tomatoes have been known for many years as a “very recalcitrant crop” in DH technology. It seemed impossible to obtain doubled haploid plants through gametes. Fytagoras has succeeded in developing a method for this difficult crop that has already been applied successfully for several customers. Read more in our newsletter or check out Tomato News.