Fytagoras has a long history in Industrial and Medical Cannabis Research. Based on this several inventions were made as well as different products and applications.

Growing cannabis 

Fytagoras owns more than 25 cannabis varieties which are growing for research purposes in  the Fytagoras growing facilities. These varieties all differ in chemical profile like cannabinoid composition (CBD, THC, CBG) as well as disease- and stress resistance.

Fytagoras has also investigated the impact of cultivation variations on the metabolomics of the plant.

For chemical profiling both very accurate technology (NMR) as well as very sensitive technology (HPLC) are used.

The chemical profiles of each of the Fytagoras varieties is exactly known and stored in the Fytagoras chemical database. This information is used to support the breeding program in order to develop a specific variety with desired traits.

Very recently Fytagoras has developed a technology to obtain the information of the chemical profile of an adult cannabis plant in a very early stage of plant development. Fytagoras has the permission of the Dutch Government to grow 6000 plants on legal basis annually.

Cannabis Breeding program

Traditional breeding of new varieties is very time consuming. Fytagoras is world leading in development of fast breeding programs especially in the Doubled Haploid Technology.







One of the plants that already successfully entered this fast breeding program is cannabis. As far as we know Fytagoras is at this moment the only entity who works on this. Doubled Haploid Technology makes it possible to breed specific and unique varieties with desired traits, in a fast and accurate way.

Extraction technology

Fytagoras has the expertise to extract chemical compounds from cannabis both in purified form (e.g. CBD, THC etc) as well in medicinal active extracts. Focus is not only on cannabinoids but also on other health related compounds like terpenoids and flavonoids. Fytagoras has the facility and expertise to develop and optimize purification protocols on small laboratory scale and the knowledge and test facility to scale up to industrial scale. Moreover Fytagoras has developed the knowledge to gain added value of the waste streams generated during the cannabinoid extraction process.

Fytagoras has access to a broad platform of in vitro and in vivo tests to find and explore healthy / medicinal effects in purified compounds, extracts or waste streams.