Analysis of Plant compounds

Effects on Health and Pharmacy

Plants contain a wide variety of bioactive components that can be related to health and medicinal effects. Knowledge about the bioactive components is generally limited, so that little account is taken of these compounds in cultivation and breeding strategies. That could change through a thorough identification and understanding of the medicinal effect of these plant compounds.

Fytagoras offers a platform for the identification of all relevant bioactive substances in your product based on metabolic profiles and their correlation with the biological activity. Fytagoras also works closely with Leiden University on this.

Fytagoras’ expertise in the field of plant compounds

  • Demonstration of the health-promoting effects of crops
  • Contributions to cultivation and breeding strategies with regard to phytochemicals
  • Demonstrate toxic effects of phytochemicals
  • Identification of plant compounds of new crops (novel foods), food supplements, herbs, herbal mixtures, and extracts
  • Support scientific evidence of the efficacy and mechanism of action of phytochemicals
  • Literature research into the presence and effect of phytochemicals

Green tea for model study

As a case study, Fytagoras investigated the health effects of green tea. Extraction and subsequent metabolic profiling revealed that green extract extracts have clear anti-obesity effects. In vivo studies with nematodes were highly correlated with literature describing the effects of green tea on human body weight.