Seed Respiration Analyser (SRA)

Seed Respiration Analyser (SRA)

Seed companies need accurate information about seed characteristics at an individual level. The SRA analysis supports the testing of individual seeds. An SRA analysis provides a fast but accurate measure of individual seed respiration that may be correlated to seed lot quality. Depending on the species, results are available between 10 and 72 hours after the start of the test.

You can easily determine which seeds are dead, dormant, or actively germinating, measuring vigour and homogeneity related parameters. It demonstrates the differences between the seeds and seed lots. The SRA analysis is a valuable method in the analysis of germination behaviour and the development of coatings and priming methods. Fytagoras sells the SRA through various distributors.

Applications of the SRA

  • Measuring tool to quickly determine seed viability
  • Mapping of multiple germination and seed-related parameters
  • Predict the effect and feasibility of priming methods
  • Insight into seed parameters for breeding programmes
  • Results in 10-72 after start of the test
  • Simple and quick insight into seed aging
  • Determination of bacterial and fungal infections in seed
  • Homogeneity testing

Collaboration with distributors

For the sale of the SRA, Fytagoras has partnered with several distributors. For the Chinese market this is Zealquest Scientific Technology, Spectra Agritec for India, and a partnership with Aginnovation for the USA, Canada and Mexico. These companies are well-known in the seed business in their respective countries, and have a portfolio that fits well with the SRA.