Zuurstofmeting in de teelt
Fytagoras is specialized in measurements in the root environment. Especially the water content, pH, and oxygen levels are important root zone parameters. The optical oxygen measurement technology that was developed by Fytagoras is used in our research. This enables the measurement of a large number of very exact oxygen concentration measurements at different locations over long periods. This gives clear insight into growth limiting oxygen deficiencies at the root level in relationship to other factors, such as substrate types, watering protocols, growth etc. The knowledge and research capabilities of Fytagoras for root research are in demand for all kinds of crops:

• Continuous measurements of oxygen concentrations in the root zone (Growing substrates, NFT, Pots etc.).
• Optimization of watering protocols for optimal gas exchange at the root.
• Research of the relationships between aboveground and underground parameters.






INAPRO schema


Fytagoras is partner in the EU INAPRO project. Stay in tune with the results and innovations of INAPRO (combination of plant and fish culture) via the INAPRO website.