What is the seedAnalyser?

The seedAnalyser is a compact device that easily and quickly measures seed maturity. Seeds are placed in a glass Petri-dish. The subsequent measurement is completed within 1 minute. Besides control purposes in the lab, the machine can also be used at seed production locations to estimate the best harvest time.

Measuring with the seedAnalyser

Seed for sale must be of high quality.  Seed maturity and seed quality are in many cases strongly correlated. Immature seeds mostly are of lower quality. The seedAnalyser provides an objective measurement to detemrine the maturity of seeds.

Working with the seedAnalyser

Mature seeds contain less chlorophyll than immature seeds because the amount of chlorophyll decreases during maturation. Illumination of chlorophyll with the right wavelength induces fluorescence. The seedAnalyser measures this chlorophyll fluorescence. This is an accurate, fast and non-destructive method to determine the amount of chlorophyll in seeds.

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film: seedAnalyser in actie