In recent years Fytagoras strongly focused on innovations and research to improve seed production. Knowledge has been developed on the three important seed production phases:

  • Pollen production, pollen storability and pollen quality
  • Monitoring and standardization of seed production climate and crop with sensor systems
  • Determination of the right harvest moment for optimal seed quality

Fytagoras develops methods for long term storage of pollen at room temperature without quality loss. This knowledge is very important for a more efficient and safe seed production.

The application of the growWatch in seed production makes it possible to monitor and compare different production locations in detail in real time. The growWatch data assists with optimizing growth conditions for better seed quality within the seed production facilities of seed companies



For many crops (e.g. fruiting vegetables) the determination of the right harvest moment for seed production is not easy. The fruit maturity sensor can be of help in these cases. Avoiding unripe and over ripe fruits in harvest improves the quality and homogeneity of the harvested seeds.

This knowledge and technology make Fytagoras your preferred partner for improvements in all phases of seed production to realise a better seed quality and more homogenous seed batches.

download: growWatch for seed production