Leiden, 18 November 2015 – Today marks the official beginning of a partnership between publically listed Chinese company Jill Zixin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd and Leiden-based Fytagoras BV. The official reception took place at Hortus Botanicus Leiden with Alderman Damen on-hand to offer congratulations to Mr. Guo Chunsheng, counsellor at Zixin and Mr. Frits Van Horssen, the CEO of Fytagoras BV. Zixin, a Chinese pharmaceutical company in traditional medicine, is an expert in the development of natural medicines. As part of its aim to invest in the innovation and development of natural medicines, Zixin is opening expertise centres around the world. Today marks the first step towards Zixin’s European ginseng expertise and research centre opening in Leiden.

Mr. Guo, counsellor at Zixin: “We are looking forward to co-operating with Fytagoras in the field of Chinese medicine, especially in the development of breeding and scientific research of ginseng. We hope that our partnership can promote research into Chinese medicine and more innovative products for the EU market.”
The partnership will provide Zixin with access to Fytagoras’s expertise in the area of plant breeding and seed production, and focus mainly on the additional development and production of Ginseng and Chinese medicines based on natural ingredients. For Fytagoras, the partnership means further developing its expertise, finding broader applications for it and expanding staff by 30%.

Background to the partnership

The partnership between Fytagoras and Zixin was made possible with support from The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, InnovationQuarter and the WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency. As part of its aim to expand into Europe and set up an expertise centre, Zixin was looking for a suitable partner with research knowledge into seed and plant processing. As a result, the partnership with Fytagoras based at Leiden Bio Science Park provided a logical match.
Zixin is confident that it has found a long-term partner in Fytagoras – a partner who supports further research into the ginseng plant and its development and processing as medication for the consumer market.

WHF ondertekening contract tussen Chunsheng en Fytagoras Woensdag, 18 november 2015
WHF ondertekening contract tussen Chunsheng en Fytagoras
Woensdag, 18 november 2015
























Image from left to right: Mei Wang (SU Biomedicine), Derk Jan Statema (WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency), ), Frits van Horssen (Fytagoras BV), Guo Chunsheng (Zixin), Alderman Damen (Gemeente Leiden), Lissa Boxy and Chris van Voorden (InnovationQuarter).

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