Not every plant will purify the air efficiently. Fytagoras has tested many popular varieties of houseplants for air-purifying and humidifying properties. In our test facility we place plants in artificially polluted air. We then measure how quickly this plant purifies the air. We also assess the humidifying properties of each tested plant species. In determining the air-purifying properties of plants, we collaborate with Air So Pure, among others.


Have you made your choice and are you ‘going green’ with your company, or are you still considering it? You probably still have questions such as:


  • How much do plants really affect the climate?
  • How can I measure this?
  • Which plant species should I place in my company and how many do I need?
  • I already have climate sensors in my company, but how should I interpret the measurement results?
  • My employees notice the effect of the plants, I can also measure it, but our air treatment system seems to partly cancel out the effect. How do I deal with this?


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