Extraction Technology

Plants contain an enormous amount of valuable compounds for a broad scale of applications in the food-, pharmaceutical- , agricultural- and cosmetic industry. To exploit these plant material resources different extraction techniques are available that have been developed to obtain such secondary metabolites commercially. Fytagoras offers a broad variety of extraction technology for both research purposes and large scale extraction

1. Accurate pressurized solvent extraction: a fully temperature-, pressure and solvent controlled process resulting in highly reproducible bioactive extracts from medicinal plants

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2. Steam distillation: for extraction of essential oils from (aromatic) plants


3. Computerized and sensor controlled Experimental Scaled Extraction Plant (PSEP): This PSEP enables real time data collection of relevant process parameters in the plant extraction process combined with mathematical models for better understanding, control and optimization with respect to innovation and upscaling. Additionally Fytagoras offers the PSEP for batch extractions of medicinal plants up to 2 kg dry weight.

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