Cannabis has been used for thousands of years in both Asia and Europe as a treatment against a variety of diseases and conditions. The active ingredients are mainly extracted from the female flower buds. Cannabis contains many more interesting substances and properties than the THC and CBD with which we have so far been familiar. Hundreds of cannabinoids, phenols, terpenes are known, to which many medicinal properties can be attributed. Much is still unclear about the exact effect of these substances, which is partly due to the fact that the permission of cannabis products is a cumbersome process. In addition, many ingredients are hardly used and therefore often end up in the waste flows.



Fytagoras has extensive experience in industrial and medical cannabis research, where we can support you in the following areas of application:


  • Production of cannabinoid reference compounds
  • Development of purification protocols for cannabis ingredients (phenols, cannabinoid terpenes)
  • Value creation of cannabis waste flows
  • In vivo and in vitro tests for determination of bioactivity and medicinal field of application of cannabis extracts and purified substances
  • Cannabis cultivation and breeding programmes








Traditional breeding of new varieties is very time consuming. Fytagoras is a world leader in doubled haploid technology, enabling accelerated breeding programmes. An internal research programme is underway at Fytagoras with the aim of producing homozygous, pure plants. This makes it possible to grow specific and unique varieties with desired properties, fast and efficiently.



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