Chinese delegation visited Fytagoras

Chinese delegation visited Fytagoras

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On February, 21-th a Chinese delegation visited Fytagoras.

The delegates were ; Mr. Bing Yuan (director) Center for International Cooperation of China National Development and Reform Commission; Mr. Hanxiang Zhang (director) China population and development research Centre and National Health Commission; Ms. Zixuan Liu, Guohe silk road industrial cooperation promotion office, International Exchange Centre ; Mr. X. Y. Zhang (director) Beijing 1+X institute;  Mr. Hao Dong (international cooperation manager ) Beijing 1+X institute; Ms. Wen Hui  Fan  (project cooperation manager ) Beijing 1+X institute ; representatives from WHO.

The delegation was interested in the following topics : Academic exchange and cooperation; Scientific research topics; Applied scientific research.

Fytagoras held two presentations in which the topics were addressed. After a detailed discussion the delegation visited the laboratories of Fytagoras. The delegation was very pleased with the information and experiences of Fytagoras and continued their trip in the Netherlands.